On Sunday November 9, 2014, the whole world was shocked by a mind-blowing piece of news. Dr. Myles Munroe and eight other people including his wife and his all-time companion, Ruth Ann Munroe died in a plane crash as they were going for the Global Leadership Summit due to open the following day at Grand-Bahamas. Though at several miles, I was terrified and thunderstruck given the close relationship between me and the man. In this blog post, I am explaining why I consider Dr. Myles as the greatest teacher in my life so far and the incredible impact of his teachings on my life as a whole.

My encounter with Dr. Myles Munroe dates back to the year 2009. By then, I was going through quite a tough time both spiritually and socially. As a matter of fact, I was so much curious and I think I am not less today. I was bothering myself so much with questions about the purpose of my life, the meaning of life, the meaning of the teachings of the bible and in short why it was not so easily understandable. Was it even accurate? The lack of answers to these questions instilled fear in my heart.

One can easily understand that, though I was at University, and bright as I was as a student, I was at a spiritual junction, at a cross-road and I needed accurate pieces of information to choose the right way, the way to the truth, the truth leading to the life.

Worse, socially, I was on the edge of despair because the end of the year 2008 was a tragedy for me and for my whole family. As a matter of fact, we had tragically lost somebody who was a great support to all of us and I had just escaped an attempt of assassination with serious physical and emotional scars.

The whole of these issues were my trouble and my heavy-load.

Then one day a man of God living in our street asked me to help him understand some chapters of a book written in English. I was eager to help as I hoped I would obtain some coins with him after the help. Incredibly I obtained much more than any material reward, I obtained the answers to most of my troubles and questions.

The title of the book was: The Principles and Power of Vision. I think it was the first time, I was reading a book about Vision and a bible-based book. The result was incredible. Within a few days I finished reading the book and committed myself to study it deeply. In fact, it was easy-read, thought-triggering, wisdom-based and moreover practical a book, a book that addresses most of the pressing issues men and women face in our society and put forth some biblical principles and methods to overcome them. I came back from reading this book strong, full of hope, a focused person committed to bring about the best within myself and achieve whatever I set as a goal. I kept the book for months before the owner claimed it.

Reading that book brought about healing to my soul, peace to my spirit and strength to my body as well. The clearly-explained principles and easily understandable language of the book added to the insight and hindsight of the author made me to crave for more about him.

Personally, I decided to live according to the principles laid down in the book. So I wrote a mail to the author explaining what I think was my vision. I was so much happy to receive his reply. Dr. Myles did reply to my mail in 2009 encouraging me to pursue the vision I presented him with and moreover to continue with education as it would help me shape my talent and find my way through life.

Then, I started understanding much more the bible and the meaning of life, of my life. I learnt that I was created by God for a purpose and I need a vision in order to accomplish that purpose by following the bible-based principles explained in the book.

Following that first encounter, I dreamed of meeting Dr. Myles personally and even interpreting after him. I made myself a collection of his teachings available on Internet. Almost every week, I listen to his teachings and messages. They are always startling, bewildering, incredible but TRUE, because based on the bible and full of wisdom, revelations and insights, valuable resources for anybody willing to achieve the best for his life.

From my perspective he was the greatest teacher, not only of the word of God, I had ever had on earth. A man whom once you meet him, you never come back the same. In fact, though in his words, I am still loaded with potentials that need to be expounded, I am sure much of what I have achieved so far and what I am pursuing is due to him, to his teachings, to his deep understanding and knowledge of the Word of God. His teachings have shaped me from somebody ignorant of his potentials to a focused and determined person eager to fully give way to my talents and potentials to the glory of God. His teachings along with the bible are the guides of my vision-driven journey.

The legacy of my teacher, the greatest, to me and to all the people who consider themselves as his “disciples” is a life of purpose, a life of meaning and understanding. As he said: “The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose”.

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